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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

More Microsoft Ready to Launch Photos

See other pictures here

Goodies: SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition, VS 2005 Standard Editions, MSDN llibrary, Launch 2005 Resource DVD and the Cool T-shirt. The 100% discount for one of the six new exams is my favourite goodie.

The back of the cool free t-shirt. Only this t-shirt, it worth to drive 5 hours to Edomonton from Saskatoon. However, the most important had a chance to talk to Barnaby and Damir. Oh! Forgot to take a picture of their 64 bit AMD, 4 GB Ram demo machine.

The presenters did a great job to running the demo and highlight the benefits of VS 2005, SQL Server 2005 and Biztalk 2006. I particular enjoy the SQL Server 2005 morning session. Damir(the right guy in this picture) did a very good to walkthrough the new features, such as new SQL Management studio, Profiler, Performance Advisor, etc.

Here are the happy team from Saskatoon. In summary, although the place in Sliver City is little bit pack, in particular line up for the food and goodies, this was a great experience: listen to the exciting talk from the presenter, the instance feedback from the audience and the great free stuff from Microsoft. Oh! There are also several gifts to give away at the end of the morning and afternoon sessions, make sure you stay under the end of the talk. :>


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